Conditions of Carriage

1. Common transport conditions:

a.) the sender’s name, company name, full address, zip code, ph number sender

b.) business name, full address, postcode and phone. The recipient (can not be addressed shipment to PO Box)

c.) of incorrect or incomplete address of the sender removes the obligation of the carrier to deliver the shipment at a guaranteed time and qualify for the guaranteed service under section 6 of the common conditions of carriage.

  1. By signing theconsignment noteshippersandcarriersleads toentering into the contractofshipment.The sendersigning thewaybillconfirms thatall data and informationitprovidedis true andcorrect(weight, size, content, featuresanddeclared valueconsignments).
  2. The sender is obliged to state the correct data required for shipment:
  3. If the carriage to make specific instrument, the sender is obliged to submit these to the carrier at the latest upon delivery for shipment. The sender is responsible for the damage caused by the carrier’s non-submission of documents or their incorrectness. The consignor shall provide the carrier correct information on the content of the consignment and its nature and is responsible for the damage that was caused by the carrier breach of this obligation.
  4. Shipment, the consignor must adequately package and so is protected from damage during handling and during transport.
  5. Guaranteed delivery time items, the pre-negotiated. In the case of non-guaranteed delivery time items, the carrier will provide a discount on shipping. By providing this discount is flat leveled possible harm (economic loss) resulting from non-delivery time. In the case of uncontrollable factors carrier shall not be liable for any interruption of transport.
  6. The transport are excluded: cash, checks, stamps, jewelry, precious metals, glass and fragile objects without solid container, animals, weapons, ammunition, dangerous substances and the like.
  7. Contractual relations in these Conditions of Carriage prepared, shall be governed by the relevant provisions of trade.

Commercial Code and other laws in force in the territory of the Slovak Republic.